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Sentinel Cam is an innovative and affordable low-power camera solution designed to meet the needs of all boat owners.

Using our best-in-class user interface, Sentinel Cam allows users to ‘live stream’ at any time to see what’s happening on their boat, and to receive a 30 second video if the camera detects an intrusion.

Sentinel Cam can send high definition 1080p videos 24/7. It is waterproof, low-power consumption (<400mA) and low data consumption (<100MB per month).

Sentinel Cam costs £449/€539/$599 with a subscription fee of £49/€59/$69 per year, with the first year included.

Sentinel Cam is a ‘plug & play’ product very easy to set-up. Set-up is 100% wireless and entirely managed through the YS Hub app, which should only take a few minutes.

It can be powered by any type of power socket, or directly wired to the boat’s battery.

It works with both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks, using the global roaming sim card provided – estimated cost is less than £9/€10/$11 per month under normal usage – or the users own sim card.

Sentinel Cam is for any boat owners looking for extra peace of mind. It is the perfect complement to the YS6 boat monitoring system.

As other Yacht Sentinel products, Sentinel Cam is also well suited for shipyards and charter companies. The YS Hub app can handle multiple Sentinel Cam per boat, and users can easily manage hundreds of boats under a single account.

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Low Power consumption

Camera quality

Wide angle lens

Live stream

Cloud service

4G & WiFi

For any boat