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We partnered with a leading camera manufacturer to develop an innovative monitoring solution specifically designed for boats. Using our market-leading YS6 app, Sentinel Cam allows you to ‘live stream’ at anytime and see what’s happening on your boat, and to receive a picture and a 30s movie if the camera detects an intrusion.

Sentinel Cam is weatherproof, low-power consumption (<400mA), low data consumption (<100MB) but will still send HD 1080p videos. It is also equipped with night vision and our smart detection software means fewer false alarms.

Subscription fee is only £49/€59/$69 per year. If Wi-Fi is not available, you can either use the global roaming sim card provided with the Sentinel Cam or use your own sim card.

Sentinel Cam is a ‘plug & play’ product very easy to set-up.

It can be powered by any type of power sockets, or directly wired to the boat’s battery using our distribution cable (sold separately).

Sentinel Cam can use both Wi-Fi and 4G network, but we recommend to insert a sim card anyway in case the Wi-Fi gets disconnected. Simply follow instructions to activate the sim card provided with the Sentinel Cam, or you can use your own sim card.

Sentinel Cam only requires a power cable and is entirely managed through the YS6 app. Set-up should not take you more than a few minutes.

Sentinel Cam is for any boat owners looking for extra peace of mind. It is the perfect complement to the YS6 boat monitoring system. The only condition is for the boat to be equipped with batteries able to handle a device consuming 400mA.

As other Yacht Sentinel products, Sentinel Cam is also well suited for shipyards and charter companies. Our app can handle multiple Sentinel Cam’s per boat, and users can easily manage hundreds of boats under a single account.


Low Power consumption

Camera quality

Wide angle lens

Live stream

Cloud service

4G & WiFi

For any boat