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Sentinel Point 2™ is an intelligent monitoring security system that enables you to remotely check your small craft’s status through our mobile app or online webapp.



Sentinel Point 2™ is a two way communication system that connects our app with the unit using worldwide 2G/3G/4G coverage.

Remote monitoring

Using our simple, intuitive app you can remotely access data from the unit on board your small craft any time, from wherever you are in the world. This enables you to monitor a wide range of critical information, including position, speed, course, battery voltage and temperature.


You can also set various alarms on your small craft, so you receive alerts on your mobile via push notifications, and emails, if there are any problems. You can easily change the settings of each alarm through the app.

Sentinel Point 2™ is designed to offer an affordable, flexible, low power monitoring system for all small craft owners, whether it is a rib, jet Ski, runabout, fishing Boat, speed Boat or small Cuddy Cabins.

It also provides an ideal fleet monitoring solution for boat rental companies, charter firms and marinas. Sentinel Point 2 enables you to easily keep an eye on hundreds of small crafts at the same time, under a single account. And, if you want to operate a fleet management team, you can add multiple users to your account and control their level of access, from read only to full admin rights.

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Battery’s power drops below a set level.

If your asset hits something - set for mild or severe shock.

Internal temperature either rise or falls beyond set level.

Asset drifts outside a defined radius (10 to 200m).

Tilt increases beyond set angle.

Detailed weather forecast.

Check on a map previous locations of your small craft over the last 24h/7 days/30 days

The safe return alarm automatically sends out a message with your latest details to your contacts if you do not return on time.