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Privacy policy update:

At Yacht Sentinel, we take your privacy seriously.

The privacy statement below included information on Yacht Sentinel 6, Yacht Sentinel 5 and Sentinel Point. It also includes information on the Web application, iOS & Android applications of all the products we provide.

Our pledge:

  • We will be transparent about all the different types of information we collect from our users as well as how we use them.
  • We will always use the best data security tools to keep your data safe and protect against any unauthorized access.


Yacht Sentinel 6

Yacht Sentinel 6 (‘YS6’) collects the information from the following areas:

Account setup information.

  • Vessel environment data
  • Alarm adjustment you make in iOS/Android applications
  • Other web app and mobile application data


Account setup information:

When you “Activate your account” you will provide Yacht Sentinel Ltd with your name, telephone number and email. We may only contact you if we haven’t received payment 2 years after the activation of your YS6, to confirm that we do not wish to continue using your unit. We may also contact you occasionally to let you know of potential new products, such as new sensors.


Vessel environment data:

When your vessel is fitted with a YS6, the unit will provide us with the following information:

Temperature data – Used to trigger user set alarms.

Shock data – Used to trigger user set alarms.

Tilt data- Used to trigger user set alarms.

GPS data – We use the GPS data to trigger your Position alarm. We also plot this information in your map & journey log.

Arm/Disarm data – We always know the state of your boat, we hold this information so that we can assess if we need to trigger your alarms.


Optional wireless sensors:

If your vessel is also fitted with our ‘optional wireless sensors’, then your YS6 will also be collecting and sending the following information.

Temperature – Used to trigger user set alarms.

High water – Triggers when water is detected.

Shore power – Triggers when shore power is lost.

Motion – Triggers when motion is detected.

Door – Triggers when connection to the magnet is lost.

Item Security – Triggers when the distance between the valuable item and the central unit reaches a pre-set limit.


Alarm adjustments:

All of your alarm adjustments in the app are recorded and viewable under journal log in notifications. This data is stored indefinitely, to always remind you of when changes were made.


Other web app and mobile applications:

The page ‘contacts’ in both the mobile and web application collects your inputted user information.  We collect your contacts name, email & telephone number. This data is then securely stored in our database where it will only ever be used if you send out an ‘SOS’ message.

An ‘SOS’ message consists of an email being generated where you willingly share your personal information.

The data your consent to share is your name, MMSI, boat battery, device battery, temperature, speed, location and connectivity.


Shared users:

The ‘Share user’ section is located on both the mobile and web applications.

By adding a user, you consent to that person to have access to your account, with either limited ability (‘can view’) or full access (‘can edit’).

Can view: By choosing ‘Can view’ you give the person ability to receive alarms notifications and to be able to view all of your boat’s information.

Can edit:  By choosing ‘Can edit’ you give the person ability to receive alarm notifications as well be able to edit all of your alarm settings.

20TH August 2019 update

Sentinel Cam permissions

Live video feed ‘ON’ gives a selected email address access to your boat and all of its cameras live video feeds.

Motion alerts ‘ON’ gives a selected email address access to your boat and all motion alerts triggered on that account.


Account settings:

If you chose to change your ‘Home boat image’, we will save your new image and it will be stored in our database until you replace it.


Email notifications:

By checking ‘Receive email notifications?’ you give us the ability to store your boat alarm notification messages on our mail server.


Manage boats:

When you add a new boat to your account we collect the Name of the boat, IMEI and MMSI of that boat.


Yacht Sentinel 5 & Sentinel Point:

Both of these products communicate directly with its owner. Yacht Sentinel Ltd does not interfere or gain any information about the vessel or how it is used.

The main user has the ability to add 3 ‘master numbers’, these numbers tell the unit to notify these three numbers when an alarm is triggered.

The unit uses a password to verify its owner, any message that does not include the correct password will be rejected.


Android & iOS applications:

Both apps give the user ability to enter personal information as well as edit alarm settings. Yacht Sentinel Ltd does not collect any of this information, both applications have no back channel that information can be channelled through. They both simply allow a user to easily send a message.


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