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About YS6

Yacht Sentinel 6 is a boat monitoring system which alerts you in case of problems, while allowing you to make essential checks at any time, from wherever you are in the world.

It is composed of a central unit and optional wireless sensors.

YS6 was designed to meet the needs of individual boat owners or professionals including marina operators, boat rental/charter companies. Its price, easy set-up and multiple functions make it appealing to any boat owner.

Yes, the YS6 and its apps were specifically designed to easily monitor hundreds of boats at the same time, under a single account.

Boats can easily be added or removed by clicking on ‘Manage Boats’ from the contacts page.

YS6 is composed of a central unit and 7 types of optional wireless sensors. All information registered by any wireless sensors is sent to the central unit, which is in constant contact with our server, and the information is then transferred to your customer portal, which can be accessed via your computer, smartphone or tablet.

YS6 uses the 3G/4G network when/where available. Alternatively, it switches to satellite communication (Iridium) provided that relevant accessories were previously purchased.

All sensors communicate with the central unit by using 868 MHz band, which has less interference and disturbance of communication than other bands, and a much greater range than Bluetooth®. All sensors can therefore be fitted on any boat regardless of size or type.

We offer unlimited and worldwide 3G/4G communication for the first 2 years following the product’s activation, 3G/4G worldwide communication costs approximately £50/year thereafter.

Note that some countries such as Bahamas, Cuba and Vietnam are excluded from our 3G/4G coverage. Please visit for the list of countries covered by our 3G/4G network for any further information.

Costs related to Satellite Communication are explained below under the satellite communication section.

The central unit is connected to the boat’s battery but it consumes very little power, its impact on your boat battery should not be noticeable. YS6 was specifically designed to run on a typical boat battery, without connection to shore power, for several months.

Yes, you can test our web app, which gives you an overview of how YS6 operates and its main functions. More information can be found here.

The standard package is composed of a central unit and a power lead, so it can be wired to a distribution board or directly to the boat’s battery itself. The central unit does not need any external sensors to operate and it controls all accessories. Many of the YS6 key features are integrated into the central unit including:

  1. Boat Status
  2. The most critical information about your boat can be monitored any time, from wherever you are in the world. Information includes battery voltage, speed, course, GPS coordinates, 3G/4G/GPS/Iridium connection status and temperature.

  3. Map
  4. This feature allows you to view the exact position of your boat any time, on Google map or on a maritime map.

  5. Position Alarm
  6. A virtual perimeter can be set around your boat so an alert is triggered if your boat moves outside of this pre-set area.

  7. Battery alarm
  8. An alert is triggered if the voltage of the boat’s battery falls below a pre-set voltage, or the internal battery integrated in the central unit starts running low.

  9. Tilt Alarm
  10. An alert is sent if the angle of the tilt becomes critical. 2 different types of tilt levels can be set - Rough Sea or Storm.

  11. Shock Alarm
  12. An alarm is triggered if a mild or severe shock is detected by the central unit, for example if your boat hit something or was hit by something. 2 different types of shock levels can be set - mild shocks and severe shocks.

  13. Journey Log
  14. This feature allows you to review the historic locations of your boat over the last 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

  15. Weather information
  16. Available weather and tide information, based on the last known position of your boat, can be accessed any time.

  17. SOS

    In case of emergency, an SOS message containing all the Boat Status information can be sent to your registered contacts.

  18. Temperature alarm

    The inbuilt temperature sensor will alert you of any increases or decreases in your set temperature limit.

We currently offer 7 types of wireless sensors:

  • High water sensor, responsible for high water alerts
  • Temperature sensor, responsible for temperature alerts
  • Item security sensor, responsible for item security alerts
  • Motion detection sensor, responsible for motion detection alerts
  • Shore power sensor, responsible for shore power alerts + used to connect any third-party sensors
  • Door sensor, responsible for door alerts (can also be used for window or hatch)
  • Siren if any of the intruder sensor, the high water sensor or the temperature sensor are triggered
  • The shore-power sensor allows you to connect via its micro USB port any third-party sensors, such as a gas/smoke sensor or a pressure mat for example.

    The central unit can support up to 15 sensors of each type.

    Every boat is different so we made the YS6 fully customisable to meet most needs.

    We generally recommend customers to buy the ‘security set’, which includes one of each sensor as well as 3 key fobs, 2 motion detection sensors, 2 door sensors and 2 item security. We also recommend buying the satellite communication kit if your boat resides in a poor or no 3G/4G signal area.

    Yes, you can easily add more sensors at a later time. Once the new sensor is switched on and paired with the central unit, it will automatically appear on your app.

    No, once paired that sensor can only work with that Yacht Sentinel 6.

    Pricing and shipping

    All products, including accessories, can be purchased online on our website or through one of our distributors. All our distributor’s names and locations can be found here.

    All prices (excl. VAT) are displayed on the YS6 product page.

    There are no subscription fees to start using YS6. However, you must pay a fee of £50 (+VAT) / year starting on the 2nd anniversary of the activation of your YS6 for ongoing communication costs. You will receive an email regarding payment a month before the 3rd year anniversary of activation of your product. If payment is not made within 30 days your YS6 will be deactivated.

    Value added tax (VAT) will automatically be added to your basket based on the information you filled-in on the registration form.

    In addition to the purchase of the satellite antenna and any optional mounts, you must pay for a line rental and add some credits on your account. One credit is used each time you transmit information to the YS6 via satellite (e.g. boat status request, settings change) or the YS6 sends you a message via satellite, such as GPS location or an alert. One credit costs approx. £0.10.

    You need also to purchase a pair of radio modems to make the connection between the central unit and the satellite antenna wireless. Note these charges only apply for satellite communication. Communication via 3G/4G is free for the first 2 years and £50 (+VAT) / year thereafter.

    Delivery cost depends on the quantity of products purchased and your delivery address. It is automatically added in the basket page.

    Getting started

    Installation instructions are described in detail in the User Manual included with each device. Wireless sensors make the set-up of the overall system very easy.

    We recommend you wire the central unit to the distribution panel of your boat or directly to the boat’s battery. If the central unit is powered via a power socket, it won’t be able to monitor the boat’s battery and to send alerts in case of critical voltage level.

    Once the central unit is powered and if this is your first time powering the unit, then flick the switch on the bottom of the unit to activate power from the YS6 battery.

    LED 1 (power) will turn green if the boat power is connected correctly if not, it will show orange meaning the unit is using YS6 battery and not boat battery.

    If you are trying to turn the unit off press and hold the red button and to turn it back on again you can again press and hold the red button for 3 seconds.

    LED Number GREEN ORANGE RED Red Flashing Buzzer
    Power LED 1 ON Running on internal battery Internal battery less than 10% N/A 2 beeps if mains is removed
    3G/4G/SAT LED 2 Connected to network Satellite is connected Network connection N/A N/A
    GPS LED 3 GPS locked Satellite signal acquired by no GPS No GPS or Satellite connection N/A N/A
    Sensors LED 4 Only when pairing completed central unit will beep Pairing Mode Could not pair with central unit Sending data to central unit 3 beeps for pairing completed

    To switch a sensor ON and pair to a unit, press and hold the power button on the central unit for 1 second and then press and hold the button on the sensor for 3 seconds, when you hear a beep the sensor is connected.

    To switch a sensor off you will need to login to the app to turn off notifications for a sensor.

    1. Press the power button located on the top of the YS6 central unit for 1 second. LED 4 (Sensors) will turn orange to indicate that the central unit is now in pairing mode for the next hour.

    2. Press the pair button on the sensor. The LED on the sensor will turn orange to indicate that the sensor is in pairing mode. It will then return to green after pairing was successful.

    3. Sensors are automatically added to your app. You can rename them by clicking on ‘Rename Sensors’ on the homepage.

    You can log-in our web app from any computer, tablet or smart phone by clicking here. Alternatively, you can download our app on the Apple or Google Play stores if you use a smartphone or a tablet.

    You simply need to go on our web app or iPhone/Android app and click on ‘activate your account’. You will need to enter your email, password and telephone number as well as the product code (IMEI).

    You can arm or disarm non-core alarms by clicking on the ‘arm/disarm’ button on the app. Non-core alarms include the position, shore power, motion detection, door, tilt and item security alarms. We recommend that you leave the central unit switched on when you are on board to continue receiving any core alerts (battery, temperature, high water and shock alarms) and to have your journey log updated.

    1. Temperature
    2. Temperature inside or outside boat either rises or falls beyond set levels.
    3. High water
    4. Bilge water level reaches a critical point for more than 1 minute.
    5. Motion detection
    6. Detects a moving warm body in its field of vision.
    7. Door
    8. If a door, hatch or window is opened or forced.
    9. Shorepower
    10. Loss of shore power to your boat.
    11. Item security
    12. Valuable ‘tagged’ assets are taken away from the boat.
    13. Siren
    14. Siren will go off if motion detection, door or high water alarms are triggered.


    We put a lot of effort to try to make YS6 secure. All information sent or received from the central unit and the sensors is encrypted. All information sent to our server will be rejected if it is not in a specific format. If the central unit is disconnected for any reasons, its internal battery can last for approx. [24] hours and a disconnect alert will be sent. The presence of all sensors is constantly checked by the central unit and an alert will be sent if the central unit stops receiving the ‘heartbeat’ of any sensor.

    Any changes made on any apps will be promptly followed by a short message to confirm whether or not the change was effective. A green pop-up window means the change was successful, a red one means that the change was not successful. You can also check the log of all the past requests in the notification section.

    The LED on the central unit and on each sensor gives a confirmation that all units are up and running. If you are away from your boat, you can check the status of the central unit and each sensor via your desktop, smartphone or tablet. If a sensor stops working, you will receive an alert saying your sensor is missing. You may just need to replace the batteries.

    You can check the 3G/4G and Satellite reception at any time in the Boat 'Status' section.

    You can easily manage who can access information about your boat in the ‘Shared Users’ section. You can grant access to as many people as you want, and choose for each of them if you grant them full access or view only. Each person added will receive the same alerts at the same time as you do.

    All information sent from a sensor to the central unit, and from the central unit to the sensor is encrypted. All information sent from the central unit to the user is similarly encrypted.

    All sensors are wireless and powered by AAA Duracell batteries, which are included. A sensor low battery alert will be triggered if the battery in any of the sensors reaches a critical level. Battery life depends on many factors, such as the type of sensor and the frequency of information sent to the central unit, but average battery life is approximately [2] years. We recommend you replace batteries with AAA Duracell batteries or similar as soon as a sensor low battery alert is received.

    To change the batteries, you must have a standard cruciform screwdriver. Simply un-screw the screws on the back of the sensor and replace them with AAA Duracell batteries or similar.

    As soon the GPS is found it will update the map, from this point onwards if the boat moves the GPS will be updated otherwise every 6 hours.

    All new goods supplied by Yacht Sentinel Limited and its licensed dealers have a 12-month warranty from the date the goods were delivered (unless otherwise stated). This warranty does not affect your statutory right as a consumer. If your unit develops a defect within the 12-month warranty period, please contact us for warranty service.

    Coverage includes North-America, Europe and most countries in Asia and Latin America. Please review our 3G/4G coverage map by clicking here for further information.

    Satellite communication

    The central unit was designed to primarily use the 3G/4G signal, but it will switch to satellite communication - via Iridium - if a 3G/4G signal is not available and satellite communication has been set-up.

    In addition to the purchase of the satellite antenna and any optional mounts, you must pay for a line rental (no annual contract required) and add some credits to your account. One credit is used each time you transmit information to the YS6 (boat status request, settings change) and each time YS6 sends you a message, such as GPS location or an alarm. One credit costs approx. £0.10. For satellite communication, you also need to purchase a pair of radio modems to make the connection between the central unit and the satellite antenna wireless.

    The Iridium network delivers communications services all over the world, including remote areas where no other form of communication is available (e.g. large oceans and polar regions). It is therefore an appealing feature if your boat is in an area with no 3G/4G signal or if you would like to make sure that your YS6 is never out of range.

    The satellite antenna needs to be hard wired to the central unit via its RG11 cable.

    Please use the dedicated user guide attached to the RockBlock+ satellite antenna for all information regarding set-up. Please contact our customer support department on for further information.

    You must log into to activate your account with our partner Rock7.


    You can find the Product Code (IMEI) on [page 8] of the User Manual supplied with your central unit.

    Log in on your account via either the web app or the iPhone/Android app and then click on the “Rename Sensors” button. If the new sensor was successfully added, it will appear in this section.

    Pairing was not successfully and must be repeated:

    1. Press the power button located on the top of the YS6 central unit for more than 3 seconds. LED 4 (Sensors) will turn orange to indicate that the central unit is now in pairing mode for the next hour.
    2. Press the pen button on the sensor using the start pin. The LED on the sensor will turn orange to indicate that the sensor is in pairing mode. It will then return to red after pairing was successful.
    3. Sensors are automatically added to your app. You can rename them by clicking on ‘Rename Sensors’ on the homepage

    Log into the system and click on the gear icon on the bottom right hand of the screen, then click “Account Settings”. Simply enter the old password before you can create a new one.

    Simply click on ‘Forgot your password?’ button on the app login page.

    You can add or remove a boat by logging into your account, clicking the gear icon and selecting Manage Boats. From here you can either edit your boat, add another boat or remove a boat from your account.

    Green: alarm is enabled

    Red: alarm is disabled

    Yellow: sensor battery is low

    Blue: alarm is disarmed

    Brown: sensor is missing


    We are constantly looking for enthusiastic and qualified professionals to distribute our products all over the world. Please contact our sales department on for further information.

    We offer leasing options to corporates. Please contact our sales department on We are constantly looking for enthusiastic and qualified professionals to distribute our products all over the world. Please contact our sales department on +44 (0) 1932 506173. for further information. for further information.

    YS6 apps were specifically designed to monitor multiple boats at the same time. Additional boats can easily be added by clicking on ‘Manage Boats’ in the Settings section.

    The app allows you to smoothly navigate from one boat to another by simply clicking on the boat’s name at the bottom of each page..

    A professional, such as a marina manager for example, would have a single account to monitor multiple boats, even if he was granted access by different people.

    Contact us

    Our customer support service is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm UK time.

    We recommend that you contact us through the live chat on our website or by sending an email to

    Alternatively, you can call us on 00441932 506172

    Our sales department is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm UK time.

    We recommend that you contact our sales team or by sending an email to

    Alternatively, you can call us on 00441932 506172.

    YS5 FAQ's

    No - there is a one off cost for the Yacht Sentinel, Sentinel Point and sensors, but there is no monthly or annual subscription due to us.
    We provide a low SMS tariff SIM card with our products, so you can have complete control over your spending and wont end up overpaying for a service.

    The reason why you are unable to view the battery voltage is because you may have send a command to turn the shore power on, because of this the Yacht Sentinel now will only monitor the shore power. Currently the Yacht Sentinel can only monitor either the battery voltage or the shore power at one time.

    To switch back to monitor the battery voltage all you need to do is enter:
    Your password, BATT=12/24.

    If you have a default password of 4444 and you want to set your voltage to 12 you would enter;

    Since the Yacht Sentinel cannot connect to boat voltage and the shore power at the same time to switch back over to
    monitor the shore power all you need to do enter the command
    Another way to do this is to go into the power/battery settings in the application and to select SP
    to set the shore power ON

    The alarms section in Sentinel Point allows you to turn on either the “Battery Alarm”, “Move Alarm” or Tracking.
    Firstly “Battery Alarm” allows you to receive an SMS if your Sentinel Points battery is running low or is disconnected
    from the external power. If the “Move Alarm” is enabled an alarm will set the current position as home and draw a virtual perimeter of 75m.
    If the Sentinel Point moves outside this perimeter a MOVE-OUT alert
    will be sent, when it moves back in a MOVE-IN alert will be sent. “Tracking” can be enabled or disabled. If enabled a status SMS will be sent to all master numbers to show the current location of your boat.
    Finally, the battery mode of your Sentinel Point can be changed to either 12V or 24V by selecting either setting.

    There are three section within the “Alarms” section of the Yacht Sentinel.
    First the “Alarms ON/OFF” section. Here you are able to easily turn on and off any alarms for your boat. Any alarms that
    you turn either on or off are saved so that the next time you visit the page; you will automatically see what alarms you
    left on previously without the need of requesting a parameter.

    The “Alarm Settings” section allows you to customise your alarms, here you can change the name of your alarms, for
    example the device comes pre-set with alarm names such as PIRALARM, Hatch Alarm etc. however, you are able to
    change these to whatever you need. Further down, you will see “Alarm Radius”, and “Temperature setting”.
    By changing the pre-set values and turning the allocated alarm on from the Alarms ON/OFF section you are
    able to receive alerts of the values if they exceed the amount your entered. For example, if you entered in 20 as the
    radius and your boat moves 20 meters out of the zone of when you turned on the Geo-fencing alarm, it will trigger an
    alarm to alert you.

    Finally, in the “Output Settings”, here you are able to connect two outputs to any of your alarms. For example, if alarm
    4 is connected to the Hatch Sensor, you can set a siren to output 1 or 2 which would enable you to turn on the siren if
    the hatch sensor is triggered by selecting alarm 4.

    How to set up your iOS Yacht Sentinel and Sentinel Point?

    Step 1:

    Choose “My Account”

    Now enter in you’re the SIM Card number of the SIM inside your device within the “Boat Number” section.
    If this is a new device or a device of which you have never changed the password to, enter “4444” as the password. This password is set as a default password when you purchase your device.
    Now enter in your mobile number in “Mobile 1”, by doing this if any alarms are turned on you will receive SMS alerts on that number. If you have more than one number for which you want to receive SMS alerts to enter them in “Mobile 2” and “Mobile 3”.
    The “MMSI” and “Boat Name” section is optional and is not needed to use the device, however if you have this information you can enter it and store it in your device.

    Step 2:

    From the main page now choose “Boat Status”, this page allows you to check the status of your boat.

    First click “Request status”, by doing so you will receive a SMS from the device prompting you with details about your device. Copy the SMS and paste it into the text box below “Paste the Status SMS Below”, by doing so you update the application with your boats information into a readable format.

    No, there is only one supply input to the Yacht Sentinel and a choice has to be made to monitor shore power or the
    boat battery. You can switch between monitoring the boat battery and the shore power using the app or SMS commands.

    Yes - provided you have sufficient credit or a contract allowing international SMS you will still recieve alerts if your boat
    is moored abroad.
    You may like to consider sourcing a SIM from the local country service providor, or ensuring that roaming is enabled.

    As long as your deck is not steel, i.e. wood or GRP, you will be able to find a suitable place for Yacht Sentinel to gain
    connection with both GPS and 3G/4G . If this is not possible you should consider purchasing an extended antenna which
    can be placed next to a window or hatch to boost the signal.