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Intelligent boat monitoring security system
Keeps an eye on your boat 24/7 and lets you know if there are any problems
Easy setup, no tools required

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Enjoy remote access to all your boats data at your fingertips. See for yourself how easy it is to use our simple, intuitive app.

Features at a glance

Leading edge

Designed with state of the art technology and quality components, YS6 also contains the latest processor from Intel.

Quick & easy
wireless set-up

It’s simply a case of ‘plug and play’ with our wireless sensors, which have lower power consumption and greater range than Bluetooth.

Free 3G/4G
communication worldwide

Enjoy free unlimited worldwide 3G/4G coverage for the first 2 years. There after you pay an annual subscription of £50 per annum.

Affordable system

For under £1200 you can enjoy our gold package, including control unit and all 7 sensors.

Low cost
satellite option

Automatically switches to a low cost, secure satellite communication system if there’s no 3G/4G signal – so you’re always connected.


Manage up to 100 boats easily with our YS6 app – an ideal solution for boat rental companies, charter firms and marinas.

Low battery

Due to YS6’s low power consumption it can run on a typical boat battery (12v/24v) for many months on swing moorings away from marina shore power.

Reduced Insurance

YS6 users can benefit from reduced insurance premiums with our partner insurance companies. More information on our website.


Yacht Sentinel 6 will alert you in case of any of the following problems

Central Unit


Boat drifts outside a defined radius (40m to 200m).

Safe Return

Notifies contacts if the boat does not return by a set time.


Battery’s power drops below a set level.


Tilt increases beyond set angle.


Boat hits something – set for mild or severe shock.


Internal temperature either rise or falls beyond set level.

Optional wireless sensors

High Water

Bilge water level reaches a critical point.


If a door, hatch or window is opened or forced.

Motion detection

Uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology to detect a moving warm body in its field of vision.


Loss of shore power to your boat.

Item security

Valuable “tagged” assets are taken away from the boat.


105db sensor will be activated in case of high water, door, motion detection alarms.


Temperature inside or outside boat either rises or falls beyond set levels.