GPS GSM Boat Security System

SMS alerts sent straight to your mobile!

Yacht Sentinel is the ultimate answer to keeping a constant look-out for your craft. It is always on watch and allows you to make essential checks from wherever you are in the world.

This intelligent system alerts you to possible problems and monitors the state of your craft at all times and sends updates to your mobile. Yacht Sentinel is powered via 230vAC shore power or 12vDC/ 24vDC through the boat battery or from it's own internal battery.
Uniquely to Yacht Sentinel users are able to define their own alarms and add third party products to monitor other aspects of thier boat, such as the tilt angle of the boat or to guard against tender theft or monitor the engine parameters.

Features include:

Installation is simple and straightforward, just connect the power and sensors and it's done!

It draws very little power and on detecting an alarm sends an SMS to up to three user defined mobiles. No contract, just a one-time buy and a simple pay-as-you-go SIM card.

At only £332.50 ex VAT for base unit including FREE UK DeliveryYacht Sentinel outperforms any other for price and performance. Designed specifically with the yacht or motor boat owner in mind.


iPhone App Now available!


Android App coming soon!

Don't have a smartphone? no problem!

You can have all the benifits of Yacht Sentinel with just plain text! As long as your mobile can send texts, then you can use Yacht Sentinel.